Living A More Balanced Life

With information being so accessible nowadays, its no wonder there are conflicting opinions on what ‘healthy’ means. I plan on talking more about my personal health journey more in the new year, but for now, I want to talk about the changes I’ve tried to make this year. This year I have grown a more health-conscious mindset which has translated to Danny too. My aim wasn’t to lose weight or physically transform my body but to educate my mind and work towards building habits my future self will thank me for. With some super simple steps, I have nourished my body more than last year and I intend to build further on this next year.  I choose greens for my health, and pizza to keep me sane. I want to share with you how I have managed to live a more balanced life.

I Aim To Eat Something Green With Every Meal

I gained this tip when we interviewed super health guru Jennifer Moore. She said her top tip was to eat something green at every meal. It doesn’t sound hard but it was a bit of a mental swap for me, I wasn’t used to eating breakfast, let alone eating something green at that time of day! But I am so in the habit of it now. I do count my morning matcha as I pack it full with so many goodies that it sometimes is my breakfast. If not this breakfast salad will have you desperate for some early green goodness.

Packing My Own Lunches Is Now A None Negotiable

Not only does it save me so much money, preparing my own lunch means I know exactly what I’m eating. It’s hard for me to wake up early, especially in Winter when it’s still cold outside, so I make my lunches the night before or, depending on what I plan on having, I might make a couple days ahead.

Stretch it out

I am by no means a yoga bunny. In fact, I have yet to enter a yoga class. However, over the last few months, I have realised the value of finding the time to stretch. Be it in the morning just after waking (my favourite as it really wakes me up) or before bed to ease any tension. Stretching is good for your mind and your body. I suffer from hypermobility in my back and stretching really helps prevent it going into spasm. It still will from time to time but I’ll take all the help I can. I really want to try some yoga classes but honestly, I’m afraid I’ll get bored or not be as flexible as everyone else and just embarrass myself. Does anyone have a favourite class they’d recommend? I know youtube has loads of videos too so maybe next year I’ll give that a go.

Educating Myself

I believe we are all different and although all our bodies need certain nutrients to function at their best, the way in which we best feed our bodies goodness varies. While some can lead a vegan lifestyle and flourish, other may function better on a more paleo lifestyle and that is ok. Our bodies give us a variety of signs when they aren’t performing at their best and listening to these signs and being aware is something I’ve gained a great interest in.

Reach For Water

This wasn’t new to me as I’ve always loved water and drank it by the gallon. But if you’re not drinking enough then try and be more conscious of your water intake. When I wake up, I try and drink a 700ml bottle before I do anything else. All that water wakes me up and rehydrates my organs from a 7-8 hour sleep.

Don’t Stress About It

Stress is something I suffer from quite badly, and it’s not good for us. So the last thing I need is to be stressing out about what I eat as well. If I don’t eat something green with my dinner- often the case, I don’t worry about it. I just carry on with my life. If I’ve been out for several meals one week and also indulged in a dominos… yes I might throw some extra greens on my plate the week after.

While there is so much information available nowadays that can also be a negative. We might be taking quite restricting advice from people who have no more of a clue than us. In my opinion, if we feel good and our body is functioning at it’s best then that is a win. I’m not an expert but slowly I am building a lifestyle which is not only good for me but makes me happy. My mental health is just as important as my physical health. It’s not a change I’ve made overnight and it’s not something I ever limit myself too. There are certain things I cut out of my life majority of the time, but I will never say no to something that brings me happiness, even if that happiness is as temporary as the perfect slice of Hawaiian pizza… let’s not start a debate about pineapples on pizzas!

Have you got any tips for living a more balanced life?






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