Monochrome Footwear

Monochrome Footwear | www.thelifeofcandh.wordpress.comMonochrome is a timeless look, and it’s one of my favourites, it is classic. Lets ignore the white converse, the numerous black heels and boots, the brogues, and the thigh highs I have stored in my wardrobe. I want to show you three, relatively new pairs which I feel make a statement of their own. Some of my friends think of monochrome as boring, but I think there is so much room to push boundaries, think of the textures, prints and unusual cuts that could be hard to wear but because of the dual tone is made far easier.

Monochrome Footwear |

First up is these Office Espadrilles, the leather is so soft.

Monochrome Footwear |

These Topshop Heels

Monochrome Footwear |

And possibly my most worn, these ASOS Lace Ups, you may have seen them HERE


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