A Weekend In London


A couple of weeks ago, H and I spend a long weekend in London. If you follow us on Instagram or Twitter you may have already had a glimpse into our trip, here are a few things we got up to.

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First stop was Tokyo Bikes, H fell in love with the impressive two wheeled transportation devices while they had a nicknack section for me to amuse myself in after I rationalised that I don’t own a bike so am not in need of an upgrade … oh hey there perfect leather bicycle seats, hi beeswax candles. The bike emporium is located in Shoreditch (not far from Old Street Tube Station).

www.thelifeofcandh.wordpress.com www.thelifeofcandh.wordpress.comwww.thelifeofcandh.wordpress.comwww.thelifeofcandh.wordpress.comwww.thelifeofcandh.wordpress.com

Next stop for us foodies was Borough Market, there are plenty of markets in London but this one had everything we needed, fruit, vegetable, meat, olives, sweets, burgers, pulled pork, beers, juice, you name it. I tried every free sample that was offered… and there were a few.

www.thelifeofcandh.wordpress.com www.thelifeofcandh.wordpress.com www.thelifeofcandh.wordpress.com

We took a stroll along London Bridge and were attempted to no avail to get up to the sky garden to have a drink and enjoy the view (NB: you need to book online up to 3 weeks in advance to get up for a free peak!)


After an afternoon spent in High Street Kensington gathering Muji product, H&M chinos for H and Whole Foods goodies for dinner. We spent the next day pottering along Oxford/ Regents Street before enjoying lunch at The Creperie in St. Christophers Place.


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