The Wireless Earbud Dream: Bragi Dash Review

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It’s hard to imagine that in just over two years since Bragi successfully funded their Kickstarter campaign, we’re on the dawn of a new Apple event where rumours and speculation are rife that the headphone jack will be removed from one of the world’s most popular consumer devices. I am sure Bragi themselves couldn’t have predicted this but l bet they are glad they decided to produce The Dash.

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The Dash was one of the first ever real glimpses into the future of wireless earphone/headphone technology when first announced and, although the product went through a lot of development to get to its retail state now, it truly was worth it. After spending the past 3 months fully testing the earphones out I can’t fault The Dash in any way.

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The Dash is an all in one unit that comprises of a charging case and earphones which magnetically snap into their corresponding L/R slot. The earphones can be fully charged up to 5 times from the case which uses mini USB to recharge the case and the earphones themselves hold a charge for around 3/4 hours depending on use and take just under 2 hours to fully recharge in the case.

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What sets The Dash apart from the competition (trust me there are a few of them now, a trend I am sure will continue after the 7th of Sep) is the full capabilities and specs of the product, it’s impressive and despite being a massive tech lover even hard for me to believe The Dash exist. I won’t fully go into every spec but Bragi’s website does a fantastic job of listing them all on their website.

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Who is The Dash for? This is a simple question despite the overwhelming capabilities of what the earphones can do, they are for everyone! Forget about what you might want or not want out of a pair of earphones, The Dash will give you more options and functions than most of the wireless earphones currently available and this is a good thing. Some of the stand out features for me especially recently after coming back from mine and C’s summer escape to Sardinia were the ability to use The Dash underwater. I’ve never had such a euphoric experience, listening to music whilst exploring underwater with my snorkel face mask and swimming along with fish was truly mind blowing and something I will never forget. The Dash have inbuilt storage which allows you to store music internally which is how I was able to swim and listen at the same time, don’t try streaming music via Bluetooth like I did, big fail it won’t work underwater.

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I also tried out The Dash’s when I went for my morning weekend run and decide to use the activity monitor to track my results, normally I would use the Nike+ Running app, now better known as the awful Nike+ Run Club (NRC). I decided to run with NRC as well as tracking progress on The Dash’s to compare results. Sure enough, they were both relatively similar in results although the added heart rate data from The Dash’s were very cool (OS 2.1 now integrates with Apple HealthKit!), it has made me consider dumping the loyal NRC app from future runs.

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As well as being able to track your runs you can choose cycling or swimming as extra activities, unfortunately, at this time The Dash doesn’t integrate with other fitness apps but the 3 it does offer are good for me. Bragi has its own iOS and Android app which allows you to connect to The Dash and change basic settings along with tracking your progress in activities. The majority of controls and activities can all be activated from the touch interface on The Dash but for more rigorous tweaking the app download is a must. Whilst we are on the subject of touch interface lets discuss.

The Dash’s are mainly controlled through the touch interface on the side of the earphones which once placed inside your ears they pair up and become active, this then lets you control basic settings like play/pause – volume up/down. This might sound slightly complicated but it makes using The Dash even more pleasurable as it saves constant pocket grabbing of your phone to change songs/volume etc. I have to admit it feels all very futuristic and weird using the touch controls in public, even now I don’t always feel comfortable swiping and tapping but with more and more use you forget about people’s strange looks, which you will get. Despite the fantastic design of The Dash, I  get the odd look, especially where I live, however, having used The Dash whilst travelling a few times on public transport and at Airports most people seem strangely accepting of The Dash. Regardless it makes me smile as most people haven’t got a clue what they are missing out on.

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The future is here with The Dash, I love using them and everything about them. The specs packed into such a small product is incredible and the hardware design is fantastic, the charging case alone looks boss. They certainly aren’t cheap and they shouldn’t be but they are worth every penny, you can purchase them through Bragi’s website or via Amazon. There are many features and details I have left out of this brand focus as I’ve tried to keep it as brief as possible if you have any questions please comment below or contact us through our social network channels.

UPDATE 05.09.16: Bragi have just revealed their newest product a year after publicly launching The Dash, it’s called The Headphone and it’s a simpler more affordable Bragi.



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