Sunday Brunching

Sunday’s is our days and the main constant is Breakfast. Whether we cook something ourselves or go out for a bite, it’s something we enjoy to do together. As it was a special Sunday for us last week, we went to El Tico, although not our favourite breakfast destination (that we can agree on) the beach cantina holds it’s own significant meaning to us. Note to self: The lunch/dinner time ribs are pretty damn impressive.

The location even on not the sunniest of days is one that packs in the crowds and as it was nice a mild we grabbed a table outside. If you sit inside you share long tables with other diners.

El Tico | www.thelifeofcandh.wordpress.comWe ordered our breakfasts and set about adding our milk to our tea and coffee.
El Tico | www.thelifeofcandh.wordpress.comPlanes flew overhead as we spotted dogs and chattered whilst looking out at the view.

El Tico |

El Tico |

And finally our full english’s arrived, nice and hot with two fried eggs layered on top of each other. Even though the menu stated ‘crispy bacon’ I was sure to reiterate that in my order, much to H’s amusement.

El Tico |

El Tico |

We spent the rest of the morning treasure hunting at a car boot sale we spontaneously stopped at. There was a lot of pre-loved belongings that just didn’t take our fancy but I think we found a couple of bargains.


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