Casa Mae, can we stay forever?

The best boutique hotel in Lagos

Casa Mae is possibly my dream get away. Located in Lagos, a sunny spot in the Portuguese Algarve, it’s a short enough flight from the UK to warrant a long weekend’s stay.

Casa Mae offers three different types of accommodation:

Jogo de Bola which is located in the same building as the restaurant and reception. A contemporary and minimalist building where all rooms are accompanied by a private veranda. From the wooden panels inspired by the traditional Algarvian reixas to the terracotta floor tiles, sundried in the Algarve. The attention to detail is both beautiful and noticeable.

Cabanas boast spacious patios and are ideal for those wanting to soak up the sun in an area all to themselves. Located adjacent to the functional garden, the rooms are designed with tranquillity in mind. A great option if you have a small child with you as there are only three rooms in this location which offers slightly more space and privacy.

Casa Mae is where we opted for. When we booked back in April/ May the refurbished house hadn’t even opened yet. It features a communal sitting room and during our stay, it hosted a pop-up restaurant. The character of the house has been incorporated into the renovations which bring the features to life.

We stayed in the room; Miradouro

Printed headboard, boutique hotel

Immediately the statement printed headboard had me wondering how I could talk myself into believing it would be economical to re-cover ours at home. Unfortunately for me, I still can’t find a way to justify it.. maybe one day. I loved the simplicity of the room; mainly white with wooden detailing and pops of that gorgeous sky-blue printed pattern. Our room was really cosy and well designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, the vinyl player was a bonus.

no makeup selfie ootd Lagos

Relaxing in the bath

Miradouro is described as a bath lovers dream, and they didn’t lie. The tub is huge, and the large window combined with beautiful leafy green plants, make it even easier to unwind.

In My Mind, I Aim To Always Be Poolside

Casa Mae Lagos, relaxing by the pool

Where to stay in Lagos, bloggers guide

Although we did venture out of Casa Mae (trust me when I say I didn’t want to at first…) we also spent a fair bit of time relaxing on the deck chairs facing the pool. As Casa Mae has roughly 30 rooms, seeing familiar faces by the pool is welcomed. Everyone is very respectful, including young children and this area is quiet, relaxing and very clean; the perfect place for a retreat.

Post engagement holiday in Lagos

The pool area traps the sunshine until late in the afternoon. Dipping in and out of the pool was a welcomed treat but also an essential in the warmth. As much as I love a city break, and we’ve done our fair share this year, I love nothing more than soaking up the heat with a good book. Can you tell?

Pool side dreaming in Lagos

As many of the other guests were also only staying for a few days, without meaning to, we all seemed to alternate exploring. Ideal as we managed to have the pool to ourselves a lot of the time. True paradise.

Fresh Feasting

Casa Mae Restaurant, Orta

Orta is Casa Mae’s restaurant. Orta offers a daily special, as well as a seasonal menu overflowing with fresh, local produce. You can watch the hotel-grown produce transform in the open kitchen. We took a gamble with some of the dishes not being familiar to us.

A beautiful dinner with my fiancé

Where to eat in Lagos, Portugal

Whilst red wine is definitely not new to me, oysters were quite new to both of us. I have to admit as much as I wanted to like it, wasn’t for me, but to both our surprise Danny enjoyed it! The server was so lovely, we’d explained we were oyster virgins and she welcomed us to pick another dish to start with.

Cuttle fish at Casa Mae Lagos

The cuttlefish with garlic and chilli was much more up my street.

In typical Laura and Danny fashion, we opted for different mains with the premise of swapping our plates halfway through. Does anyone else do this?

Octopus with sweet potato

Octopus with purple sweet potato for me.

Pork dishes to eat in Portugal

And pork for Danny. Both delicious.

Artisanal Ice-cream in Lagos

The artisanal ice cream was expensive, but as we’d been eyeing up the various flavours since our arrival, we couldn’t leave without sampling some. I have never had ice cream like it. The flavours could not be any purer, I really recommend the white chocolate, the yoghurt flavour was pretty addictive too.

Sandro Paris dress

Danny and I said even before we left that we’ll be back. Casa Mae wanted to create their ideal getaway, and in doing so they created ours.






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