Changing eating habits after Thriva

Towards the end of last year, I wrote about my experience and thoughts on the home blood test kit from Thriva. The service allows you to track your results and progress and at the end of the post, I mentioned I would follow it up and explain how since my results it’s made me change some of my eating and drinking habits. I now take a more conscious view on finding alternatives to everyday products I used to eat and drink.

This is not a comprehensive list of everything I have changed diet wise as that’s not really why I took the Thriva test. I knew my diet previously was high in sugar and contained a lot of carbs, the results have forced me to have a think a bit more about finding alternatives to things I was eating and drinking that don’t necessarily agree with my body. After help from Laura and a bit of research, I was able to find quite a few alternatives that although I was reluctant to even consider I now have no problem with at all.


Milk was not something I thought was harmful to my diet but I always thought it didn’t agree with me so going from Jersey Milk to Oatly Milk was never an alternative I thought I would like but, Oat milk has been a perfectly good substitute and pairs well with my morning routine of granola and coffee and doesn’t alter the taste of either as much as I thought.


I usually tend to have a yoghurt as a light dessert after dinner, maybe weird I’m not sure but it’s something I’ve done since my teens. I knew there were other yoghurts out there but didn’t realise that a dairy-free alternative was even a thing until Laura introduced me to The Coconut Collaborative. I’ve always liked coconut so this was a no-brainer and I was more than happy to switch to their flavoured small pots which make for a great desert snack after meals.

Sugary Drinks

Growing up I was never allowed fizzy drinks but as I got older and moved away from home it was always a nice treat, although similar to milk, fizzy drinks never agreed with me and I put that down to my body not being used to the chemicals and gas. Everyone knows sugary fizzy drinks are bad however I find fizzy drinks more refreshing, I had previously tried Ugly Drinks in London and always liked the taste so when Laura informed me that it was free from sugar, sweetener, calories and includes nothing artificial this was a win-win.


My breakfast of choice during the week before work usually tends to be something from crunchy nut either the clusters or new granola range but, Laura quite rightly pointed out none of their options are particularly great in the sugar department. My suggested and healthy alternative was a brand I had never heard of before, Lizi’s which offers a wide selection and flavours of Granola. I opted for the original flavour just to get a taste of the difference and although I found it bland, to begin with, adding some fruit to the mix like a banana certainly helps and a much better alternative to what I was previously starting the day with.

None of the options above breaks the bank and as I said it’s not a complete overhaul of my whole diet. It did make me realise there are plenty of healthier alternatives out there and they don’t taste horrible or different which was one of my biggest fears. Places like Amazon stock enough of a range of these products you can buy in bulk to help and Waitrose locally have a good selection of alternative foods too, all you need to do is be willing to try the options out there.


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