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Back in my January goals, I said I wanted to continue to travel this year, and we have a few bit already booked. There’s an excitement that comes with just booking flights and the build up to a holiday. But when it comes to packing the excitement mixes with panic and sometimesI just chuck in everything, including items I never wear but, you know, I’m sure I’ll where when I’m away…

When it comes to packing for my travels,  I have a little way to go but I have become a lot more concise with the amount I travel with. I haven’t quite cut it down to hand luggage only, I have till June to master this art, but gone are the days of frequent excess baggage charges.

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If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll already know that I spent majority of last week in Dubai. Firstly I packed more than enough options as late April is VERY hot in Dubai, so I certainly didn’t require layer upon layer of clothing. The temperature was between 30 – 39 degrees the whole time we were there, and there was very little breeze so I possibly didn’t need the multiple pairs of jeans I’d thrown in my case last minute…

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I had plenty of time to decide what to bring, I knew I would most likely be spending my days on the beach, but would also be eating out. I hadn’t been to Dubai since I was very small but a friend told me it was quite dressy, so heels were a likely option. I could easily have brought one swim option with me, but, since the UK has been too mild to use bikinis and one pieces, it was nice to get them back out. I opted for one bikini and two swimsuits – all of which I wore, and have the various different tan line to prove it.

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When it comes to toiletries, thats where downsizing becomes a problem, but I did pretty well for this trip. I loaded up on SPF and after sun, and apart from moisture inducing,  gentle skincare. Makeup was minimal. I opted for tinted moisturiser, concealer, bronzer; to enhance the little tan my pale skin picked up, a good waterproof mascara and a few lip options.

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Destination | Dubai
Length of Trip | 6 days (including travel time)
Time Difference to UK | +3 hours

What’s in my suitcase?

1x robe for use instead of jacket

1x jumper for cold flights
3x smart tops – wore 1 
3x t- shirts – wore 2

1x shorts
3x jeans- wore 2 but only needed 1
1x skirt

3x dresses

2x swimsuits
1x bikini
3x beach cover ups – wore 2

4x shoes




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