The Monthly Edit | September 2015

Lots of favourites this month! I mean.. look at that pizza, how could that not have made me smile?

  1. H and I made our rosemary base homemade pizzas and topped them with all of our favourite goodies. Ham and Pineapple for me and pancetta and egg for H.. and a whole lotta cheese for both of us.

2. Waking up to this on a Sunday morning after our first attempt (and a successful one!) at camping. Camping isn’t something I thought I’d be willing to ever do more than once! But then again maybe I under estimated H slightly, you can just about see the remanents off our camp fire that we’d sat around the night before toasting marshmallows and making smores, slightly more english ones at that involving rich tea biscuits, but they worked.

Favourites | September |

3. Smores… did I mention smores? Toasting marshmallows on skewers over our campfire wiping the crisped edges and the warm gooey centre of the marshmallow onto a rich tea biscuit and carefully (…well there wasn’t really anything careful about it) placing a cube of Oreo Dairy Milk on top. Mmmmm… delicious. So delicious, H stole a marshmallow of mine before I could even get it on the biscuit!

4. Some not new but recent enough, pricey additions to my skincare wardrobe. These two are something of a miracle. But they’ll be a post of this duo coming soon.

5. Even though it started in August, this month I finally started using my diary. I love how it lasts the whole way through to next christmas.

How To Depot A Cactus |

6. Depotting my cacti, I’m so please that this worked out well, I think it makes such a huge difference when they’re not in their original plastic planters.

7. Painting logs, I love how just a few splashes of colour have really made an impact. H has written a How To which will be up soon. We really love our new wall!

8. Our weekend away in London. It was so lovely to spend time with H in the city I spent so much time in, we’ve already booked flights for later this year for dinner with friends and christmas shopping.

9. And finally my Tarte Amazonian clay 12- hour blush in dazzled, such an autumnal shade. I don’t tend to wear blush in the summer as I do get a bit hot and flustered but in this cooler weather, this is such a beautiful shade.


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