21 Signs You Love Your Food

Puerto Banus Guide

  1. You’re always planning your next meal.
  2. You can’t say no to an offer to dine out.
  3. When going on holiday you look for the best places to eat.
  4. You have a list of restaurants/ cafes/ bars/ street vendors you’re dying to try.
  5. You top ‘standard’ recipes with a little something extra… Spaghetti Bolognese topped with chorizo and a fried egg anyone?21 signs you love your food
  6. When you’re really enjoying your food… you’re silent.
  7. You’re not a fussy eater you just understand the variants in the quality of food.
  8. You can smell the difference between fries and truffle fries.
  9. The word Buratta makes your feet do a little dance.
  10. You stand on chairs to take photos of your food… needs must!
  11. You know your butter fro
    m you olive oil spread and the word margarine is pretty close to blasphemy.
  12. Cheese makes everything better.
  13. But you grate your own because the pre-grated is stuff is always milder and coated in flour and you’re not about that life.signs you love your food
  14. You will never do a shake diet because you like to chew your food and lots of it for that matter.
  15. You know the difference between soy sauce, tamari and coconut aminos.
  16. If you’re going on a road trip you pre-pack sandwiches. Not a ham sandwich: a mortadella, mozzarella and pesto ciabatta roll with a spread of tapenade to season the bread.pastel doughnuts
  17. You love hosting brunches, lunches and anything else that revolves around food because you know the only thing that makes food better is sharing it with good company.
  18. You own far too many cookbooks to be able to make every recipe.
  19. Not only do you post too many (some might say) foodie photos on Instagram… the majority of the accounts you follow do too.
  20. The lady at the deli counter in your local market welcomes you back on a regular basis.
  21. You’re possibly eating while reading this post.signs you're a true foodie



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