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The New Thing | Muji Cotton Accessories |

The is quite a bizarre post, but I’m just so impressed with these unnecessary but completely brilliant products I had to share them. Muji has been one of my favourite shops since I was in primary school, my pencil case was the envy of all the girls and I’m sure a few of the boys if they would have admitted it, I was the go to girl when someone had forgotten a pen! But while my collection of Muji stationary has continued to grow and H now has his own set of perfectly crafted 0.5 Gel Ink Pens, I have expanded my Muji hauls to include fans and travel sized bottles. I’ve even eyed up a grey eye mask for my next visit.

The New Thing | Muji Cotton Accessories |

What I want to bring to your attention to today however is their cotton pads and their cotton buds. Muji has become a much talked about shop for buying makeup storage, but they have more to offer us beauty junkies. The have a vast array of Cotton Pads, but even the cheapest (120 for under £2) are 100% cotton and oh so soft! It really makes a massive difference, whether you’re pairing them with eye makeup remover or micellar waters I highly recommend them. Next the Thin Cotton Buds are narrower than normal cotton buds, great for those make up mishaps such as wonky cat flicks. And my latest guilty purchase; Black Cotton Buds apparently more hygienic than your average bud, who’d have thought? Coated with chitosan, a natural by-product often used in biomedical applications due to it’s hypoallergenic, antihemorrhagic and antibacterial properties.


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