October Goals 2016

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  1. Explore Jersey more, I want to spend a few weekends this autumn acting the tourist on this wonderful little island we live on. Ther are so many places in Jersey I’ve never been so I’m compiling a list, and hopefully, H and I can explore at least one of them this month, it will be a start.
  2. We all seem to do a spring clean of sorts but I need to do an autumn clean, and pack up all my summer wardrobe and pull out all my chunky knits and winter jackets.
  3. Take up a fitness class, I’ve been meaning to start a fitness class for some time, but with having been away I was able to put it off, with no major trips planned I think it’s time to commit to a class, maybe yoga of some sort, we’ll see.
  4. Keep in touch better, I am hopeless at keeping in touch with people and this month I’m going to make more of an effort to reach out to friends and family that I always mean to call.
  5. Read more, I have ordered a few books from Amazon I’ve been wanting to read so I want to make sure I put some time aside and put my phone on do not disturb earlier than normal.

Have you got any October goals?



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