Seeing A Personal Stylist

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  1. Pick someone who’s style you like. I think this is quite important as even a top stylist will have their own opinion on what they think looks good and it will inevitably help if you agree on what you think suits you, looks good and flatters you.
  2. Be clear about what you’re looking for. What season are you shopping for? Are you selecting items for a particular occasion? A holiday? An event? Workwear? Or simply everyday clothes?  Are you going to find more of what you already like or are you wanting to shake up your style and get out of a rut?
  3. Be honest. Firstly about your size, there’s no point in having a rail put together for you with items that simply aren’t going to fit you. Secondly about what you like and don’t like about whats selected for you, stylists aren’t mind readers they listen to your feed back, if you’re telling them you love and item that really isn’t ‘you’ tell them. Otherwise your experience won’t be near as successful as it could be and you might end up trying on lots of stuff you really can’t stand.
  4. Have a price range in mind. This is quite important as it helps the stylist narrow down which brands to select pieces from, whether to include a few sale items (depending on the time of year) and t also means that you won’t fall in love with that dress that is just way out of your budget but you must-have-it.
  5. Wear neutral underwear, if your trying on dresses and spring/ summer wear maybe bring a strapless bra too.

I was lucky enough to have Albana from Harvey Nichols handpick me a few items when I was in London last week and I can’t recommend her or the experience enough.



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