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The light salon Harvey Nichols

On a recent trip to London I was lucky enough to visit the Light Salon in Harvey Nichols and give light therapy facials a go. Unlike a traditional facial, the light salon uses near- infrared, the opposite of damaging UV light, and the facial can be as quick as 11 minutes. If you wish you can also apply makeup immediately after. The light salon offers two different types of LED facials, Rejuvenating (Red Light) and Acne (Blue Light). Both treatments are started with one minute of yellow light, a preconditioning light which makes skin more receptive to the treatment that follows.

The red light treatment is recommended for all skin type, especially mature skin in need of a collagen boost and those wanting that glow. It is also great for those suffering from rosacea and those with sun damage. The full results reveal themselves 3- 5 days after treatment, although skin plumping and a glow are seen immediately.

The blue light treatment is again for all skin types even for those as young as teenagers. It is used to treat acne and acne scarring as it hits bacteria deep inside the pores. This treatment can be slightly drying and there must be 48 hours in-between sessions. It is great to use this combined with the red light treatment which can reduce inflammation.

As I was only in London for a short time, I did the Party Course which consisted of three rejuvenating treatments on consecutive days. I opted for this treatment as I had been exposed to the sun for long periods of time while in Sardinia. I was really impressed with the results. My complexion was bright and glowy and my skin felt so smooth, it’s such a lovely way to treat yourself, see instant results and not break the bank. Treatments start from £35 and begin with a cleanse and are finished with a vitamin C, glycolic or hyaluronic serum and spf.



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