Things I Learnt While Flying With H

5 Things I Learnt While Travelling With H |
If you follow us on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll already know H and I spent a couple of days in London recently. And before we even got there I learnt a few more things about H.
1. H taught me that being ‘hangry’ was in fact a very real thing. This is made slightly more noticeable to the trained  eye when he is surrounded by people in airports. Note to self| he will probably deny this.
2. He likes looking out the window (I’m more of an aisle girl myself) and he takes a lot of fantastic photos of the sky; pre take off, during take off and successfully in the air.
3. H is very capable of packing light, something I have never been very good at. I definitely need four pairs of shoes + slippers for a three day trip…
4. Regardless of how much I pack he is still lovely enough to be responsible for handling the case and will still put that camera he informed me I didn’t need to pack, but I insisted on bringing, into his backpack.
5. His love of maps extends to his knowledge of the sky. He managed to point out various parts of Brighton to me from 25,000 ft in the air. Having been quite the frequent flyer during my three years living in London and not even having the foggiest where Brighton was, you can imagine I was just a little impressed.

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