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I’ve already featured a few of my favourite tech products on the blog with reviews and opinions, but with Winter soon making an exit and Spring entering to brighten up our morning’s and evening’s that bit longer, this means travel plans to escape further afield are in the air. I can’t travel anywhere without most, if not all of my favourite tech accessories listed below and I don’t think you should either. If your serious about functional, well-designed gear that will make your travels more pleasant, look no further.


Moment lenses: When travelling we all want to have pictures of the memories and discoveries we make along the way but we don’t always want to lug around our DSLR’s. That’s where Moment lenses come in, designed to fit a mount that sticks to the back of your iPhone or Android smartphone. Moment lenses offer superior build, and image quality while enhancing your already impressive camera that you’ll always have when travelling. I’ve used the lenses in New York and London to capture some great city shots and I highly recommend them.


Outdoor Tech – Kodiak: The Kodiak is one of the best portable battery power pack’s I’ve ever used and although it doesn’t pack the most juice (6,000 mAh) it makes up for this in build quality and durability. The Kodiak is dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof so great for camping or general travelling. It’s not the cheapest of portable battery backups, however, I’ve used less expensive packs that don’t last long in terms of durability because of their plastic housing and the life cycle of the battery diminishes quicker. My advice would be to invest in a good quality backup source like the Kodiak as it won’t let you down in the long run. (Mine is the 1.0 version in case you’re wondering why it’s different to the new Kodiak 2.0.)



Totallee iPhone Case: I’ve already reviewed an iPhone case in the shape of the Peel slim case for my iPhone 7 however when myself and Laura were offered a chance to check out totallee cases we couldn’t resist. The slim minimalistic cases offer some great trade off’s as a travel case for your phone. For starters, they have 3 types of cases to chose from that go from thin, very thin or ultra thin and to be honest none of the 3 add extra bulk to your phone which is exactly what you want when traveling, they each have just the right amount of protection to save your phone from scratches and bumps and they just look good without distracting from the already perfectly designed iPhone. They’re not just great for travelling, Laura uses her’s on a daily basis. All the cases come with a 2-year warranty + free shipping on orders over $30.


Bragi The Dash: This is my ultimate and favourite travel tech accessory, I reviewed it a few months back and for me it is the best wireless earphone solution on the market especially now since Apple removed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, there is no excuse not to buy into the wireless earphone market and the Bragi Dash is the best solution. They fit snugly into an easily transportable metal case that not only charge the Dash multiple times but keep each earphone protected whilst travelling.


GeeFi: Although I haven’t recieved this highly anticipated Kickstarter backed project I’m featuring it as it is sure to be a travel staple for me. The GeeFi is a portable Wi-Fi hotspot device that promises to deliver 4G-LTE speeds around the globe uncapped, thats unlimited Wi-Fi access for the majority of the world (100+ countries supported at launch) at a fixed price of £8 per day! Sounds good right? There are no contracts, just one device that lets 10 other devices connect at once so its easy to set up and you pay as go per day for the access you need. A 24 hour pass will give you unlimited access to data and the GeeFi itself has a built in battery that lasts for 48 hours and double’s up as a battery back up so you can charge other devices such as smartphones, if you don’t want to use it as a hotspot. This promises to make high roaming charges and crappy hotel/ internet cafe Wi-Fi a thing of the past, I can’t wait to get my unit and check it out. We’ll keep you updated when it arrives.



  1. March 10, 2017 / 01:59

    I love reading about tech although I have to admit that I’m not too knowledgeable about the subject – so it’s always good to get some recommendations! I’m interested in getting a pair of wireless earphones, not in small part because the traditional ones always get tangled in my hair and coat 😛 I was looking at the Sudio Sweden ones but The Dash ones are so discrete. Thank you for the recommendations ! xxx Tess Alexandra

  2. March 13, 2017 / 16:25

    These are awesome! Thank you for sharing these, I love the look of the moment lenses 🙂


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